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Energy For Life

EarthLight  Magazine
Issue 45 - Spring 2002

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Table of Contents -- Issue 45

4   Energy and the Practice of Spiritual Ecology << click to read

    by K. Lauren de Boer

6   Earth Beat

    by Dan Turner

8   Earth Charter News

     EarthLight Report

9   The Petroleum Interval

    by Thomas Berry

12    Earth: Commodity or Community? Choosing Life Without a Car

    by Patricia M. Mische

15   The Green Energy Gospel

    An Interview with Rev. Sally Bingham by April Thompson

18   The Energy Oscar

20   Chewing Up a Fragile Land: U.S. Energy Policy in Action

    by Terry Tempest Williams

22   Unacceptable Costs: the Dark Side of Fossil Fuels

    by Sandra Lewis & Kim Carlyle

24   Our Atmosphere, Our Climate, Our Hope

    by Guy Dauncey

27   Living the Change We Want to Create  << click to read

    by Jonna Higgins-Freese

28   Fight Global Warming for $1 a Day

    by Mike Tidwell

30   We Are Not Helpless

    by Donella Meadows

32-33    Resources & Reviews: Energy Independence, Renewables, and Global Warming


Sarvodaya Means "Everybody Wakes Up"  << click to read

    A COLUMN by Joanna Macy

35   Poem: "Any Tree Will Listen"

    by Shelby Allen

36   THE CONSCIOUS LIFE:  Free Range Salmon  << click to read

    A COLUMN by Cindy Spring

Spirituality in Place-based Community

    by Freeman House

38   Life After Coal: An Appalachian Community
Finds Restoration and Hope

    by T. Allan Camp
    Introduction by Jo Hanson

Keeping Creation: An Essential Spiritual Practice

    by Rabbi Dan Goldblatt


    Of Earth & Sky   Thomas Becknell

    Earth's Echo   Robert M. Hamma

    Earth Wisdom: A Daybook Aubrey Wallace


46   Evolutionary Parable: Earth's Challenging Childhood

    by Connie Barlow

48   The Universe Tells Our Story

    Inter-Review with creators of children's book Born with a Bang

    by Sharon Abercrombie


    50   Grass Roots! a CD by Joyce Rouse (Earth Mama)

    51   Earth Literacy Toolkit Foundation for Global Community

52-53   REVIEWS:

    Hope's Edge  Anna & Frances Moore Lappé

    Epicurean Simplicity  Stephanie Mills

56   EarthLight Community Circles: Become a Seed!

57   Upcoming Events Earth Literacy Web


    Poem: "Speaking of Evolution: Luminosity" by Pattiann Rogers

    Artwork: "River of Wishing" by Kathleen Thompson



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