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    A Rosetta Stone for the Ecozoic Era

     --  by K. Lauren de Boer

    EarthLight's Editor contemplates DNA, Mongolian wild horses and the future of life on Earth.


    Cultivating Relational Intelligence  --  by Nina Simons

    Co-founder of the Bioneers Conference talks about a major shift in our way of understanding our world and one another.


    The Ecological Self  --  by John Seed

    A deep ecologist and rainforest defender reflects on our
    greater community -- all species of the Cenozoic Age.


    The Great Communion of Being  --  by Diane Pendola

    Nurtured by the mountains and valleys of the Sierra Nevada, Diane explores the deeper resonances of communion and community.

Table of Contents -- Issue 53

4 Editorial: A Rosetta Stone for the Ecozoic Era

K. Lauren de Boer

8 Cultivating Relational Intelligence  --   Nina Simons

10 The Ecological Self  --   John Seed

14 Sacred Science:

A Visit to Altars of Extinction  --   Mary E. Gomes

18 Imagination, Grace, and the Sentient Earth

    --  Elizabeth Carothers Herron

21 Poetry  --   "Medicine Bundle"  --  Chris Hoffman

22 The Great Communion of Being  --   Diane Pendola

24 Toward a New Monasticism  --   Paula Gonzalez, SC

26 An Oasis for the Soul: Prairiewoods  --   Cindy Spring


A Directory of Centers and Organizations

dedicated to Earth, Spirit, and Cosmology

39 Growing Connection: The Ecovillage Vision and
    the Future of Community  --   Diana Leafe Christian

44 The Shining Light of Compassion
    --   Aliyah Meena Shanti

48 "For They Shall Inherit the Earth"  
    --   Sharon Abercrombie

Readers on Community

52 A Sense of Belonging   --  Judy Cannato

54 Weavings  --  Joanne Dodgson

56 Reader Forum

58-64 Book Reviews



Art of Earth Awakening
An EarthLight Online Special

Ecologically-themed artwork on display courtesy
of our Web Site Guest Artists.  Featured on this page:
Ofelia Pagani.



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