Tenth Anniversary 

Featuring the work of
EarthLight Issue 34
Summer, 1999


Table of Contents of Issue 34

4   The Miraculous Influence
     K. Lauren de Boer

6   Reader Forum

8   EarthBeat:   Kenyan GreenBelt Movement, 
                         Interfaith Forest Initiative

10  EarthBeat Commentary: 
      Public Debate on Biotech -- the Time is Now
      Richard Heinberg, Donella Meadows, Jeremy Rifkin

12  Celebrate Biodiversity, Celebrate Life
      Mary Lou Dolan, CSJ

14  Speaking with Elephants
      Deena Metzger

Special Feature:  The Work of Thomas Berry

       17    Thomas Berry's Intellectual Journey
               Mary Evelyn Tucker

       18    The Meadow Across the Creek

       20    The Great Work -- In His Own Words

       22    Gratitude to an Elder
             Matthew Fox

       24    Morningside Cathedral
               The Desire of the Earth
               poetry by Thomas Berry

       26    Children Sing and Dance the Universe Story
               Maia Aprahamian

28  Making Animal Allies -- a story of global grassroots activism
      Peter Warshall

30  Brother Wolf -- the spiritual gifts of a maligned Earth being
      Candace Crane

32  As Long As the Sun Gives Light -- Quakers, 
      Native Americans seek mutual understanding
      Vic Yellowhawk White & Stephen McNeil

34  Creation Care in the 21st Century
      Sandra Lewis

38-40     Reviews:
              Simpler Living, Compassionate Life; 
              America the Wise; 
              To Be Healed by Earth

43  Endnote: The Joys of Unplugging
      Judy Laddon

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