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Rainbow Boddhisattva: Painting by Vijali on wall of cave in Tibet

WTO Perspectives: Seattle and Beyond

We Traveled to Seattle: A Pilgrimage of Transformation.  by Ken Butigan

My Three Days in Seattle: Deep Ecumenism Meets the WTO. by Paul Burks

Featured Essays from Issue #45:  ENERGY

The Many Faces of Activism (Summer 2001)

On Making Peace with Time (Spring 2001)

On Critical Habitat (Winter 2001)

EarthBeat: Mines to Vines
by Sharon Abercrombie

Wanderings in the River of Grass
by Kevin Peer  


On Living the Great Story (Fall 2000)

Discovering the Divine within the Universe
by Gail Worcelo, CP

Evening Thoughts
by Thomas Berry

Rediscovering Fire:  Religion, Science & Mysticism in Teilhard de Chardin
by Ursula King

On the theme of the Great Work (Winter, 1997-8 issue, EL #28)

Editorial & Introduction to Issue #28: Looking for a Calling -- by Lauren de Boer

EarthNews: "Green" Orthodox Patriarch Creates Waves with Watershed Pronouncement

Prayer for the Redwoods

EarthNews: Quaker Eco-Activist Released From Prison

EarthAction: No Middle Way for Planet -- by Susan Kleihauer and Lauren de Boer

EarthWorking: Bringing Down Walls, a Native Elder's Earth & Spirit-Based Prison Program -- by Tom Atlee

EarthChallenge: A Call for the Ecozoic, the Great Work of Our Time
A cooperative essay by Herman Greene & friends

EarthSaint: Mary Oliver -- introduced by Jeanne Lohmann

EarthReviews: Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life,
by Gregg Levoy -- reviewed by Susan Kleihauer

EarthReviews: Common Fire, Lives of Committment in a Complex World -- by Laurent A. Parks Daloz, Sharon Daloz Parks, Cheryl H. Keen, and James P. Keen  -- reviewed by Jean Barker

 On the Epic of Evolution (Summer, 1997 issue, EL #26)

Editorial & Inrtoduction to Issue #26: An Epic in the Making -- by Lauren de Boer

The Story of Science & Spirit -- by Jody Bourgeois

Going Deeper:  Spiritual Dimensions of the Epic of Evolution  --  by Loyal Rue

Science as Wisdom: The New Story as a Way Forward -- Brian Swimme interviewed by Lauren de Boer

EarthSaint: Thich Nhat Hanh -- introduced by Joanna Macy


On the theme Kinship With the Sacred Earth
(Spring, 1997 issue, EL #25) 

Editorial & Introduction to Issue #25: "Learning to Eat the Sun" -- by Lauren de Boer

Headwaters Update: "Old Growth Logging Spurs Religious Action" -- by Susan Kleihauer

Ecology and the Bible: "Earth Process and the Wish for Human Exemption" -- by Keith Helmuth

EarthSaint: Kenneth Rexroth -- introduced by David Landis Barnhill

Do We Need Jesus of Ecology? -- by Neil Douglas-Klotz, Joseph L. Grabhill, & Deborah Oberg

A New Spirit of Hope -- by Fritz Hull

Recent Issues of EarthLight Magazine
Tables of Contents & Selected Articles

       Issue 41 -- Spring 2001:  Making Peace With Time:

Issue 40 -- Winter 2001:  Critical Habitat

Issue 39 -- Fall 2000:
The Fire of a New Faith  --  Living the Great Story

       Issue 38 -- Summer 2000:
The New Communion  --  Rediscovering Our Sacred Kin

       Issue 37 -- Spring 2000: The Healing Century

       Issue 36 -- Winter 2000:
For the Love of Life  --  Waking From the Spell of Economism

       Issue 35 -- Fall 1999:
Befriending Chaos  --  Creativity, Spirit and the Science of Change

       Issue 34 -- Summer 1999:
Celebration -- Tenth Anniversary Issue
Featuring the work of THOMAS BERRY, Eco-philosopher

       Issue 33 -- Spring 1999:
Up From Denial  --  Celebrating Rebirth In the Ecology of Death


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