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EarthSaints and
The EarthSaints Special Issue

An inspiring gift for people interested in ecology and spirituality

Why EarthSaints?  Since it bagan publication, EarthLight has featured an EarthSaint at the centerfold of many of its editions.  They come from all walks of life.  What they share, rooted in a deep spirituality, is their passion for the earth and its care.  The people we have honored as EarthSaints, past and present, have been willing to take risks to achieve their goals, including putting their lives on the line.

This is perhaps best reflected in the lives of present day EarthSaints such as Annie Dillard [ EarthSaint in our Winter 1996-7 issue ] and the winners of the Goldman Environmental Prize for 1996. These highly imaginative people have not been silent in thought or action, organizing and taking action when a safer response would have been to walk away. Some have even given their lives. Their courage and tenacity have made them do otherwise and we are encouraged and challenged by their spirit-motivated accomplishments. Others honored as EarthSaints in recent years include several who are saints of thoughtfullness and reflection as well as saints of courageous action:

Because of the popularity of this feature, we have gathered  twelve of our favorites into a perpetually available special issue of EarthLight. 

Contents of The EarthSaints Special Issue

John Muir 

Introduction by Richard Cartwright Austin 

Rachel Carson

Introduction by Linda-Ruth Berger 

Henry David Thoreau

Introduction by Gary Paul Nabhan 

Hildegard of Bingen

Introduction by Gloria Durka 

Aldo Leopold

Introduction by Eric T. Freyfogle 

Thomas Merton

Introduction by Mary Luke Tobin, S.L. 

Walt Whitman

Introduction by Elizabeth Watson 

Teresa of Avila

Introduction by Gloria Durka 

E.F. Schumacher

Introduction by Hazel Henderson  

Meister Eckhart

Introduction by Matthew Fox  

Wallace Stegner

Introduction by James R. Hepworth 

Loren Eiseley

Introduction by Howard Blum 

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