organizations and groups nurturing the web of life

   The Great Story    A community empowerment website created by Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd, which includes their Great Story itinerant preaching and teaching schedule. It is a tool for the Great Work, especially for those interested in sustainability, conservation biology, creation spirituality, evolutionary consciousness, the new cosmology, deep ecology, bioregionalism, or the marriage of science and religion for personal and planetary well being.


   Full Circle House of Prayer   

Full Circle EcoHouse of Prayer, now in its fifteenth year, offers a natural space
for quiet solitude just one block west of the St. Clair River in Port Huron,
Michigan, with workshops, Ignatian and directed retreats, a seven-circuit
labyrinth, organic gardening primarily with native plants and trees in a natural
environment, composting, nature ponds, vegetarian meals, nature
preservation education and communion .

    turn toward life    

is an invitation to explore reverence for life
as a spiritual path.  Our sites feature an evolving
collection of essays, artwork, and videos inviting people to deepen
their journey into the heart of nature.    

   Liberation Theology online library and bookstore   

includes many free articles and outstanding free e-books,
plus many links to books and bookstores around the world

Liberation theology is an effort to think clearly about the meaning of religious faith in the context of oppression, war, poverty, inequality and environmental destruction, and to live a compassionate, courageous and life-sustaining response to those conditions, a response that not only addresses the needs of the injured and oppressed, but also works to change the structures and ongoing processes of injury and oppression.

Liberation Theology online library of essays, articles and book links


    The Center for Ecozoic Studies   

 was formed to promote The Great Work
of bringing forth this
Ecozoic Era.

   Bioneers Conference   

"No conference on Earth celebrates more fully the possibilities 
of creating a world that is conducive to life.  Bioneers is central
to the re-imagination of what it means to be human."
                                                                          -- Paul Hawken, Author

   Center for the Story of the Universe   

For ten years, The Center has conducted research seminars
and sponsored public events to further the dialogue and understanding
  of what it means to be an evolving species on an evolving planet.

   Heron Dance -- A Journal   

Heron Dance is a celebration of beauty --
  both the beauty inside ourselves, which we
    seek to find, to nurture and offer the world
and the beauty of nature.

   The Sacred Earth Network (SEN)   

is a non-profit international organization with offices in Petersham, 
Massachusetts, and Moscow, Russia. SEN's activities are rooted 
in two core beliefs:  1) that all of Nature is sacred and must be 
treated with respect and honor, and  2) that humanity must quickly 
restructure its relationship with the miraculous, interconnected 
living system that is our Earth. 

   The Whidbey Institute   

cultivates creative leadership for Earth, Spirit, and the Human 
Future.  Located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest near Seattle, 
the beauty and power of our Chinook Center provide a place where 
the ecological, social, and spiritual challenges of our time can be 
engaged on behalf of a more sustainable and just world.

   Naropa University   

offers three graduate programs realted to environmental concerns

   Sophia Center -- Holy Names University   

offers MA and certificate programs in Culture and Spirituality



Shared Link Partners -- share our hopes and dreams


Commuter Bicycles of Santa Barbara, California

Eco-entrepreneur Eric Schwartz helps reduce pollution and
resource use, and helps increase people's health and longevity,
by helping people get to work on a vehicle that weighs 20 to 40
pounds rather than 2,000 to 4,000 pounds.  (Some models have
battery powered assist for climbing hills.)


  The Northwest Earth Institute
is recognized as a national leader in developing innovative programs that
empower individuals and organizations to protect the earth. These programs
emphasize individual responsibility, the importance of a supportive community,
and the dual need to walk lightly on and to take action for the earth.


Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center
From 40 acres of private land and one human's dream in the 
late 1970s, Narrow Ridge has slowly grown into 500 acres and 
a non-profit center near Knoxville, Tennessee. Ecological 
programs and retreat activities are its livelihood, set amidst its 
continuing interests in community, sustainability and spirituality.

a journal of essays, poetry and photography
that explores the human experience 
and searches for the eco-spiritual dimension 
hidden beneath the turmoil of our contemporary world.

The Shavano Institute
is a non-profit training organization. Our mission is to 
support individuals, communities, and organizations 
to combine inner work of the heart with outer service in the 
world. The Institute has two major program areas, Gender 
Reconciliation and Leading with Spirit. 


The Orion Society
The Orion Society is an award-winning publisher, an 
environmental education organization, and a communications
and support network for grassroots environmental and 
community organizations across North America.

Center for a New American Dream
Helping individuals and institutions change the way they consume 
to protect the environment and enhance quality of life for all. 
In other words...  MORE FUN, LESS STUFF    

The multilingual, multicultural, online journal
and community of arts and ideas.


The Center
for Creative Dreaming

makes available to the world
the lifelong scholarship and
insights of  Patricia Garfield, PhD.

Please visit our online library
of free educational resources
about creative dreaming.


Blue Water Music
Welcome to the best body & mind, trance dance and
world music CD store on the planet (UK)

helps people have new conversations at home, at work, and in community.  Site features a library of free books and essays on communication skills, creativity, personal development and nonviolence.


Road Signs for self help and personal development

A Road... a personal and spiritual journey and some of the road signs that
help me find my way…There is no destination – the journey is the thing.   
Sharon Walls Martinez


The Artwork of Renee New Hejazeen

focuses on beauty, nature and wholeness of the world. Her subjects include Wildlife, Nature, and Mythological figures. Native and Aboriginal Dream Art inspires her.  

  Alternatives for Simple Living   

Alternatives is a non-profit organization that equips people of faith
to challenge consumerism, live justly and celebrate responsibly.
Started in 1973 as a protest against the commercialization of
Christmas, our focus is on encouraging celebrations that reflect
conscientious ways of living.

Earth Vision
The eco-spiritual books of Josef Graf, Waldorf teacher,
lover of nature and student of the works of Rudolph Steiner.


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