Vision and Principles Statement

By the EarthLight extended community

We offer these reflections on our vision, mission and principles as part of the process of understanding and refining what we're up to here at EarthLight. We hope people will find them inspiring and that organizations will find in these ideas a stimulus to express their own vision and principles more consciously, richly and completely.  Hope is a garden of visions.  Let's plant it with wonderful variety.

the EarthLight extended community



A vibrant Earth community for future generations of all species.


To live, communicate, and celebrate a story that vitalizes our sacred relationship with the living Earth.


Seven Principles of Our Evolving Earth Spirtuality

Sacred Relationship     Meganne Forbes

1. Sacred Relationship

We acknowledge and honor the Spirit
that brings us forth in interdependence.

In so doing, we live in sacred relationship.


2. Conscious Evolution

We actively explore how we as individuals and as a species can move
toward a way of living that embodies mutually enhancing relations with
all Earth’s life-forms and natural systems.

In so doing, we live in connection to and with reverence for all life.


3. Collective Wisdom

We honor the essence of the world’s wisdom traditions as important
sources for learning values of compassion, reverence, and gratitude.

In so doing, we awaken to a deeper, contemporary wisdom.


Two women, Palestinian and Jewish, meet
during a
Compassionate Listening Delegation

4. Mutual Learning

We engage in mutual learning experiences as we create
an Earth community listening and speaking from the heart.

In so doing, we are informed by one another’s wisdom and compassion.

Interwoven Decisions    Meganne Forbes

Conscious Choice

We recognize that our daily choices, even the small and habitual ones,
have an impact on Earth’s species in both beneficial and destructive
ways. We seek to promote lifestyles that lead to social justice,
sustainability, and ecological security for all life on Earth.

In so doing, we live with conscious intent.


Compass of Life           Meganne Forbes

6. Inclusivity

We embrace the challenges and joys of truly diverse viewpoints and
values in all areas of life in order to more fully accept and understand
the depth of each other’s experience. We value Earth’s diversity of life
and respect the rights of each species to flourish in its unique expression.

In so doing, we foster and encourage the
unique gifts in one another and in all life.


Merged with the Jungle
Susan Cohen Thompson

7. Celebration

We celebrate the human role as a positive, life-enhancing
agent in Earth’s unfolding story.

In so doing, we live in the wonder and mystery of the living Universe.




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