Up From Denial
Celebrating Rebirth
 In the Ecology of Death


EarthLight Issue 33
 Spring, 1999

Table of Contents of Issue 33

Earth's Urgent Command  --  K. Lauren de Boer 

EarthBeat: United Religions Initiative,  Iceland Reforests, 
     Science & Spirit Renascence, El Salvador Restores a
     Mountain, Redwood Rabbis Denounce Headwaters Fiasco

EarthBeat Corporate Watch:
     It's Alive! The Wall Street Journal Goes Biological 

Reader Forum 

Nowhere to Go But Here -- Carolyn North 

The Heart of the Whole -- Jescie France 

Covenants of Love & Meaning -- Rabbi Zalman M. 

Redwood Witness: Choosing to Side with Life -- Interview with 
     Julia Butterfly & Redwood Mary with Sharon Abercrombie 

Maria Montessori -- EarthSaint -- Educating the Child to the

The Wisdom of Africa: Birth, Death & Finding Life Purpose 
     Interview with Malidoma Patrice Somé, with K. L. de Boer

Leading the Dance -- a family's experience of conscious dying 

The Shroudmaker -- dominique mazeaud

Standing on the Edge of Evolution -- Donna Wyzokenski

What Must We Die To? What is Calling to Be Born? 
     EarthLight enthusiasts reflect on the new millennium 

32-37 Reviews: Books, Video, Audio
     Books:  The Alphabet vs. the Goddess, by Leonard Shlain
                   The Trap, by Sir James Goldsmith
                   The $30,000 Solution, by Robert Schutz
                   Tuesdays with Morrie, by Mitch Albom
                   Beautiful, by Susi Gregg Fowler
                   Wisdom from a Rainforest, by Stuart A. Schlegel
                   Wild Hunger: the Primal Roots of Modern Addiction,
                         by Bruce Wilshire

     Audio:  Melodies of the Universe, Songs and Chants,
                         by Jan Novotka

     Video:  Earth's Imagination, with Brian Swimme

Resources: Organizations  --  Taking Back Rites of Death 
                   New Y2K Resources

Back page: Happy Anniversary, EarthLight! 
                   Celebrating Ten Years

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