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EarthLight Issue 35
Fall, 1999

Contents of Issue 35

Notable quote from Issue 35:

We are beginning to reach out, to touch the flesh of other planets, the flesh that the Universe is. This is part of our creation story today -- that we all participate in the same flesh, all derive from the same origin. Now that technology allows us to transmit live photos in color from the planet Mars into our living rooms, and from the edges of the Universe via the Hubble [and Chandra] telescopes, cosmic flesh is coming ever closer to our own. We yearn for the Universe, for proof that our lives are not trivial and not meaningless.

When you look at a star, you may be looking at a being that died a long time ago. We are seeing the light it beamed before it died. To look into space is to took into time. This is new! Early in this century we thought that the Universe was static, that all flesh was essentially static. But flesh is old, evolving, full of the scents of time and space. Flesh has a long story to tell. Every flower contains that story, every body, every peach, every blade of grass, every face.

                                  Matthew Fox, from his latest book, 
                                  Sins of the Spirit, Blessings of the Flesh

4  Seeing with New Eyes -- K. Lauren de Boer

6  Reader Forum

8  Earth Beat: 
          Green Power in the Faith Community
          National Council of Churches' Global Warming Campaign 
          The Ecozoic's First Monastery
          Corporate Watch: WTO, Biotechnology, Climate Crisis

11  The Real Meaning of Chaos: Gifts of Wisdom 
           from the Science of Change
           John Briggs and F. David Peat

14  Background Radiation and the Big Love -- David Spangler

16  Interview with Peter Russell
          Consciousness: Evolution's New Edge 
          with K. Lauren de Boer

20  Cloudhand, Clenched Fist
          A story of t'ai chi, chaos, and the empowerment 
          of community -- Rhea Y. Miller

21  SPECIAL FEATURE: In Service to the Sacred
Restoring Community through the Ecology of Art

     22  A Soul Connection to Place -- Lynne Hull 
               profile by Susan Kleihauer
     23  Art, Humor, and Restoring the Earth -- Kathryn Miller 
               profile by Sharon Abercrombie
     25  Kids, Trees, and an Ancient Art -- Lana Rose 
               profile by Sharon Abercrombie
     26  Beyond the Skin of Reality -- Patricia Johanson 
               profile by Susan Kleihauer
     28  The Reenchantment of Art -- Suzi Gablik

Song of the Meadowlark by James Eggert
    --  reviewed by Robert Schutz
The Forsaken Garden by Nancy Ryley
    --  reviewed by Charlotte Gildea

Endnote: Ants -- Patty Sheehan

43  Back Cover: We Are Stardust

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