For the Love of Life --
Waking From the Spell
of Economism

featuring articles, interviews
and book reviews
EarthLight Issue 36
Winter, 2000

Contents of EarthLight Magazine  --  Issue 36


4     We're Not in Kansas Anymore
        by K. Lauren de Boer

6     Reader Forum: How Do You Navigate the Tides of Change?

8     We Traveled to Seattle: A Pilgrimage of
       Transformation  --  by Ken Butigan (click to read)

10   WTO Feature: What the Mass Media Blacked Out
       Mind States and Living Dangerously by Kate Savannah
       Quick Time Meets Slow Time: The Haunting of the WTO 
              by Paul Hawken
       Turning the Tide with Magic  by Starhawk
       The Failure of the WTO in a Self-Organizing Cosmos 
              by David La Chapelle
       There Are Thousands of Alternatives (TATA) 
              by Vicki Robin
       J2K, Faith Groups, and the WTO   by Paul Burks

15   From Economism to Earthism: A Reflection on our Prospects 
       for the New Century    by John B. Cobb, Jr.


         16 For the Love of Life  by David C. Korten
         18   A Wake-up Call to Creativity  by Elizabet Sahtouris
         19   Have We Come a Long Way?  by Marshall Massey
         20   Environmental Justice & the City  by Carl Anthony
         21   A Green Psychology Perspective  by Ralph Metzner
         22   Strategies for a New World  by Richard Heinberg

24   Beloved Forest by Janisse Ray

26   Reawakening to Communion -- 
       Peace Activist and Artist Vijali: Her Story
       by Sherry Anderson and Patricia Hopkins

30   Interview -- Earth Artisit Vijali with K. Lauren de Boer

35   The Balancing Scale  --  Native Youth Forum

36   Reflections on India  by Vicki Robin

38   Resources:  Earth-based spirituality & activism

43  EndNote-Poetry

       All Comes to This  by  Thomas Ramey Watson

       Stone  by Charles Simic

Back Cover:  Achilly Pachacamac  --  Sculpture by Vijali

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