The Healing 

featuring articles, interviews
and book reviews 

EarthLight Issue 37
Spring, 2000 

Contents of EarthLight Magazine  --  Issue 37


3   Editorial-by K. Lauren de Boer 

4   Reader Forum 

6   EarthBeat
     Sentient Machines & Wayward Genes
     Moments of Stunned Silence About Biotech
         -- by Donella Meadows
     All that Twitters is not Gould: Creationists' Unlikely Ally
     World Religions & Animals 

9   The Healing Century-by Robert Theobald

12  Fostering the Great Turning
       -- a dialogue with Joanna Macy & Paul Ray

14  Fuller Being, Closer Union:
      Relationship & Imagination as the Key to Health
      -- by K. Lauren de Boer

16  Healing our Relationship to Earth in The Age of Kinship
      Interview with NWEI's Dick Roy -- by Cathy Holt

20  Wild Mountain, Sacred Space -- by Meg Beeler

22  EarthSaint  Helen Renwick
        -- by Mary Vineyard and Pat Malcolm

23  Apoptosis Again -- poetry by Mary Quillin

24  The Language of the Sting -- by Ron Breland

26  The Clan of One-Breasted Women
        -- by Terry Tempest Williams

29  Wise Women Prepare the Way -- by Jan Calle

30  Please Teach the Children Well -- by Marc Bekoff

31  Life in an Expanding Universe -- poetry by Pattiann Rogers

32  Taking Back Our Lives in the Age of Corporate Dominance
    Inter-review with Ellen Schwartz & Suzanne Stoddard
       -- by Sharon Abercrombie

33-38   Reviews: 
       The Gendered Atom -- Theodore Roszak
       Acting for Nature -- Sneed Collard III
       Caring for Creation -- Lisa Gould
       The Cosmic Covenant (Ecologist)
       Animal Grace -- Mary Lou Randour
       Singing to the Sound -- Brenda Peterson
       Galileo's Daughter -- Dava Sobel

38   Resources for Earth-based Spirituality & Activism

39   Events

43   Sheep May Safely Graze -- by Mary Rose O'Reilley 

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