The New Communion
Rediscovering Our Sacred Kin

featuring articles, interviews
and book reviews 
EarthLight Issue 38
Summer, 2000 

Contents of EarthLight Magazine  --  Issue 38

Editorial: The New Communion
     by K. Lauren de Boer

5-8 Reader Forum

9 EarthBeat: Nigerian Women Speak for Homeland
     by Evelyn Obari, Florence Obani-Nwibari, Blessing Wifa

10 EarthBeat: Ecumenical Nature Walking Paths

11 A Saint for all Traditions: Francis of Assisi
     by Henryk Skolimowski

15 Poetry: What Matters to Minnow
          Bill Thompson

   The Sizes and Speeds of Different Worlds
          Donna Munro

16 The Space Between Worlds: Navigating Life's Fertile
Edges-an interview with Brenda Peterson
     with Susan Kleihauer

19 Poetry: Owl Calls
     David Whyte

20 In Defense of Anthropocentrism
     by Carl D. Esbjornson

22-25  EARTHSAINT Feature

  The Dignity of Jane Goodall
     by Alan Jones 

  Love and Compassion
          by Jane Goodall


26 The Power of the Small
     by Joanne Lauck

28 Cherishing the Overlooked
     by Jesse Wolf Hardin

30 Animal Grace
     by Mary Lou Randour

32 Our Sacred Relationship with Animals:
An Islamic Perspective
     by Iftekhar Hai


Send Word, Bear Mother
     movie review by Sharon Abercrombie

The Great Work -- Thomas Berry
     by Thomas Rain Crowe

Intimate Nature-anthology
Strolling with Our Kin -- Marc Bekoff

Dirt: the Ecstatic Skin of the Earth -- William Bryant

Of Landscape and Longing -- Carolyn Servid
     by Sparlha Swaby

43 Picking Up Roadkill
     by Susan j Tweit

Back Cover: David Greybeard
     by Jane Goodall

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