The Fire of a New Faith
Living the Great Story

EarthLight Magazine
Issue 39 - Fall 2000


Table of Contents -- Issue 39

Editorial:  Keeping a Flame for the Unborn 
        K. Lauren de Boer

5      Behind the Scenes at EarthLight

6      Reader Forum

7      EarthBeat: Quaker Eco-Witness

8      EarthBeat: Dayglow Bunnies and Runaway Nanos 
        by Sharon Abercrombie and K. Lauren de Boer

9      EarthBeat: Zimbabwe Links Faith and EarthKeeping
        by Sharon Abercrombie

10    Discovering the Divine within the Universe
        by Gail Worcelo

11    Global Prophets
        by James Conlon

12    Rediscovering Fire: Religion, Science, and Mysticism 
        in Teilhard de Chardin
        by Ursula King

14    A Foundation for the Ecozoic: Expanding Teilhard's Vision
        by John Grim

17    Teilhard and the Noosphere
        by Jennifer Cobb

18    "Scientists find universe awash in tiny diamonds"
        Poetry by Pat Mayne Ellis

19    Planetwork

20    "What if We Were Alone?"
        Poetry by William Stafford

21    Making Sense of Matter -- Interview with Jackie Brookner 
        by K. Lauren de Boer

26    Children of Light: New Cosmology in the Montessori Classroom
        by John Fowler

29    Stations of the Cosmos
        by Sharon Abercrombie

32    Eco-Literacy and Our Place in the Universe
        by Susan Kleihauer

34   Evening Thoughts
       by Thomas Berry

36   Ending the Gender Wars: Transformational Healing
       Between Men and Women
       by Will Keepin and Molly Dwyer

37   Reflections on Cosmology and Gender
      by Molly Dwyer

39   Living the New Story

42   Reviews

          Revelations from the God of the Leaf, the Dew,
          and the Slithering Snail
                  Rosa Zubizareta and Michael Bridge

          My Grandfather's Blessings
                  Rachel Naomi Remen

          Circle of Healing
                  Cathy Holt

          What is Creation-Centred Spirituality?
                  Grace Blindell

44   Feature Review

          The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million
          People Are Changing the World
        Paul Ray& Sherry Anderson

        Reviewed by Pat Sullivan

46   Reviews

          Life is a Miracle
                  Wendell Berry

          Sacred Impulse
                  James Conlon

Back Cover:  Prima Lingua

                  Art by Jackie Brookner


When we contacted Paul Winternitz about the use of this beautiful image for the cover of this issue, he perked up at the mention of Teilhard de Chardin. As it turns out, Paul admits to being influenced by Teilhard's thought in his work. Call it synchronicity or Providence, we see it as a sign that the image was perfect for this special edition.

Thank you, Paul.

Art by Paul K. Winternitz
2261 Market, #195
San Francisco, CA 94114

(415) 431-6742


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