EarthLight  Magazine
Issue 40 - Winter 2001

Critical Habitat


Table of Contents -- Issue 40

Inhabiting the Living Present
Editorial -- by K. Lauren de Boer
6 Reader Forum
8 EarthBeat: Mines to Vines
by Sharon Abercrombie
EarthBeat: Varying Shades of Green
by Sharon Abercrombie and K. Lauren de Boer
The Resurgence of Citizens' Movements
by Paul Hawken
by K. Lauren de Boer
12 David R. Brower's Credo  --  A Tribute
13 by Rebecca Adamson
Biocolonialism in the Age of Genetics
Indigenous Peoples Council on Biocolonialism
17 Council for Responsible Genetics
New Ethno-Botany and the Fate of Forests
    An interview with Jonathon Miller-Weisberger
by Sue Supriano
Poetry: "Swim in Me" by Gracie Jordan
             "The Pulse of the Moon" by Mary C. McGuinness
22 Earth, Eros, and Sky
by Laura Sewall
24 Seeking Silence
by Susan Kleihauer
25 Poetry: "Inner Geography"
by Catherine de Vinck
26 Wanderings in the River of Grass
by Kevin Peer
EarthSaint: Marjory Stoneman Douglas
Cincinnati Green

by Sharon Abercrombie


by Adrienne Ross

The Prairie Mentor
by Dan Turner
Poetry: "I Think That I Shall Never See..."
by Jim Heynen
38 What Does it Mean to Be Human?
Frederick Franck, Janis Roze, and Richard Connolly
39 Smile of a Dolphin
Marc Bekoff
40 Videos:  Beyond Organic
              Reinventing the World
                 Bullfrog Films
41 Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight
Thom Hartmann
42 Earth & Faith: A Book of Reflection for Action
43 Recommended Readings: Connecting with Earth 
    through Prayer and Meditation
        Earth and All the Stars -- Anne Rowthorn
        Earth Prayers from Around the World
        Verse and Universe -- Kurt Brown
Voices of Hope in the Struggle to Save the Planet
Marjorie Hope and James Young
Stepping Lightly
Mark A. Burch
49 Upcoming Events
51 Map: Critical Habitat and Indigenous Populations
Back Cover:   The River of Grass -- Excerpt
                     by Marjory Stoneman Douglas

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