A Prayer for the Redwoods

From the EarthNews Section 
of Issue #28, Winter 1997-8, p 3-4 

Protect these ancient trees from all who would harm them. Secure them for our children, and for the children of the creatures who dwell beneath their branches.
Save them from our greed. Save them from our shortsightedness. Save them from the weakness of our leaders, and from the silence of our friends. Save them for the sake of life itself. Save them for the remembrance of those who walked among them in days of yore, and those who will walk among them in days yet to come.
Save them not because they are grand, but because they are fragile. Save them for the dignity of nature and the glory of creation and for the joy of the human spirit. For these trees we pray, and beseech you, O God, for we are their roots, and we are their seedlings. And we are the canopy that reaches to heaven; all of us, in one voice.
Allow us this day to fulfill your commandment to guard and protect this, Your gift to all humankind, the bounty of Nature, and these ancient redwood trees.   ###

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