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Making Peace
With Time

EarthLight  Magazine
Issue 41 - Spring 2001

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Table of Contents -- Issue 41

Special Centerfold Insert: 
The Earth Literacy Web-An Invitation
4 Accepting the Commission of Our Time
Editorial-K. Lauren de Boer
6 EarthBeat:
Bishops: "Columbia River is Holy"
EarthLight Staff Report
Green Sanghas
Local Forest Governance in Eastern India

Pope Calls for "Economic Conversion"
by Sharon Abercrombie

11 Arctic Refuge: A Call to Gather
by Carolyn Servid and Hank Lentfer
Donella Meadows-Tribute to An EarthSaint
Excerpts and the final essay
The Nature of Speed
by David Orr
19 Poetry: "Camas Lillies" by Lynn Ungar
20 Time and Spirit: Today's Dilemma
by Cecile Andrews
22 Restoring an Ecology of Time
by David La Chapelle
26 When There Are Swallows
by Dianne Grob
29 The Honoring Circle-An Interview with Sara Bates
by Jo Hanson
31 Experience of Mind and Heart
by Robyn G. Peterson
34 Spirit at Work Equals Spirit for Life
by Pat McHenry Sullivan
36 Earth's Gethsemane
by Catherine Browning
37  Poetry: "John Ruskin Considers the Nature of Water, Circa 1842" by Ralph Black
38 The Integrity of Creation & Experience of the Divine
by Canadian Yearly Meeting - Religious Society of Friends.
Poetry: "One Life" by Julia Butterfly Hill
Review: David La Chapelle's Science, the Sacred, and a Wise Planet  -  by Susan Kleihauer
44 Review: Joanna Macy's Widening Circles
by David H. Albert
49 Upcoming Events
Back Cover: "Honoring I" artwork by Sara Bates

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