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EarthLight Magazine  --  Issue 47  --   Fall/Winter 2002/2003

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Table of Contents -- Issue #47

Fall/Winter 2002/2003

Articles Online From This Issue:

Beyond a Culture of Fear -- by K. Lauren de Boer

The Gaian Politics of William Irwin Thompson
by Ralph Peters [long version]

Encounters of a Loving Nature -- by Sue Holloway

Special Web Supplement to Issue #47:

Ten Principles of Earth Democracy



  4   Political Insight  --   Editorial  --  K. Lauren de Boer

  5   Politics and Spirit -- by Starhawk

  8   The Great Law of Peace:
Iroquois Roots of American Democracy -- by David Yarrow

11   Beyond a Culture of Fear -- by K. Lauren de Boer
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14   A New Political Compass: Paul Ray on the New Progressives

15   Evolutionary Politics and the Promise of Peace
An Interview with Congressman Dennis Kucinich
by K. Lauren de Boer

18   Citizen Activists and Creating Peace -- by Dennis Kucinich

20   Earth Democracy, Living Democracy -- by Vandana Shiva

22   Wisdom, Democracy, and the Core Commons -- by Tom Atlee

24   Deliberative Democracy Resources

27   Transforming Politics Resources

28   The Gaian Politics of William Irwin Thompson
by Ralph Peters [long version] 
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30   Rabindranath Tagore -- by David E. Schlaver

32-33   Poetry -- by Rabindranath Tagore

34   FEATURE: The Zone of Communion

34   To Live on Cougar Mountain -- by Laura Foreman

36   Pilgrimage to Gentleness -- by Daniel Caron

38   Encounters of a Loving Nature -- by Sue Holloway
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42   Sightings: The Grey Whale’s Mysterious Journey
by Brenda Peterson and Linda Hogan
Reviewed by Cheryl Lander

43   Engineers without Borders -- by Sharon Abercrombie


    "A Lost People" by Mary McBee

    "This Song is Not My Song Alone" by Robert Marvos

48-51   Reviews:

    Praises for the World Jennifer Berezan & Friends
    Reviewed by Meheret Fikre-Sellassie

    Alternatives to Economic Globalization
    from the International Forum on Globalization

    Webs of Power: Notes from the Global Uprising

49   Upcoming Events -- Earth Literacy Web


    52   The Future of Life -- E. O. Wilson
    Reviewed by Eric E. Sabelman

    53   Our Universal Spiritual Journey -- John Cock
    Reviewed by Julie Knowles

    54   Life Stories -- Heather Newbold, ed.
    Reviewed by Julie Knowles  
     <click title to read>

59   It Will Be a Great Adventure -- by Elizabeth Sawin

BACK COVER:   "Spirit and Stardust" -- by Dennis Kucinich

Photo: "Eagle Nebula" (Courtesy of NASA)


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