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Homeland Earth

EarthLight Issue 51
Autumn 2004

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Table of Contents -- Issue 51

3   Editorial: Equanimity & Freedom  --  K. Lauren de Boer

6   Reader Forum: "Beauty"

7   What We Bless, Blesses Us  --  J. Ruth Gendler

8   Declaring the Holy:  An Interview with Pattiann Rogers
       --  by Maryanne Hannan

Poetry by Pattiann Rogers:

    10 "The Possible Suffering of a God During Creation"

    13 "Against the Ethereal"

14   To Love with the Energy of the Stars: Living the Beatitudes Today
      --  Article by Colleen Carpenter Cullinan

18   Pathways Home: Celebrating Beauty in the Moment
      --  Article by JoAnne Dodgson  (click title to view article)

20   The Road to Real Security: An Ecological View
      --  Article by David W. Orr

24 Homeland Security: Safe At Home in the World
      --  Article by Susan Hanson

28 The Green Dream: Humanity's Environmental Future
      --  Article by Mark Hertsgaard

32   At Home in the Breath
      --  Article by K. Lauren de Boer  (click title to view article)

36   Beyond Good and Evil: An Interview with Marshall Rosenberg
      --  by D. Killian

43   The Left / Right Trap: Moving Beyond Polarization
      -- Article by Tom Atlee  (click title to view article)

46   Reader Forum: "Eating Meat"

47   Toward the Great Compassion: Expanding the Circle
      --  Article by Sharon Abercrombie

48   I Am My Brother’s Keeper: A Homily
       -- by Colleen Patrick Goudreau

51   Changing the World–One Bite at a Time
      --  Article by Howard Lyman

52   Coming Together Through Food Choices
      --  Article by John Robbins

54   A Peaceable Kin-dom and the Ethics of Eating
      --  Article by Karen Davis


    58   Developing Ecological Consciousness, by Christopher Uhl
           --  Reviewed by Caroline Webb

    60   The Way of Conflict: Elemental Wisdom for Resolving Disputes and Transcending Differences, by Diedre Combs
           --  Reviewed by Janet Boggia

    61   The Impossible Will Take a Little While, by Paul Rogat Loeb
           --  Reivewed by Bonnie Raitt and Howard Zinn

    62   The Last Refuge: Patriotism, Politics and the Environment in an Age of Terror,  by David W. Orr
           --  Reviewed by K. Lauren de Boer

    64   Matters of Consequence: Crating a Meaningful Life and a World That Works,  by Copthorne MacDonald
          --  Reviewed by Julie Knowles

    65   Gaia Eros: Reconnecting the Magic and Spirit of Nature,
    by Jesse Wolf Hardin
           --  Reviewed by K. Lauren de Boer

    65   You Have the Power: Choosing Courage in a Culture of Fear,
    by Frances Moore-Lappé and Jeffrey Perkins
          --  Reviewed by Julie Knowles

    66   The Kids’ Book of Awesome Stuff, by Charlene Brotman
           --  Reviewed by Sharon Abercrombie

    67   Icons of Loss and Grace: Moments from the Natural World,
    by Susan Hanson
           --  Reviewed by K. Lauren de Boer

68   Kindred Spirits: A directory of Centers and Organizations dedicated to Earth, Spirit and Cosmology



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